Aiming to record a most liked video on TikTok? Or do you want to collect content ideas that matter? Then here are the essentials for creating and producing high-quality TikTok videos. 

Whether you are a small or big brand, or new to the platform, it is best to take note that creating content that converts is key. Since TikTok is now loaded with a lot of videos that have different points of view and content ideas, this might put you in a situation where you need to compete with others and your content is the only weapon you have. Producing, uploading and getting likes is not the end of the process. Since you are representing your brand, it is best to produce something that is worthy of viewing. Here is how you can do it. 

Screen-friendly videos   

Level up your users’ viewing experience while they watch your videos on TikTok. It is best to follow the prescribed aspect ratio set by the platform to give viewers an immense full-screen experience. A better format is always equated to a better number of views and impressions. 

Music and sound effects   

Aside from the content of your videos, choosing the right music and sound effects will attract your audience’s attention. Keep them interested not only with your content but also with a wide range of music genres available from the platform’s own music library. 

Keep it short and sweet   

Do not give your audience a lengthy and boring video to watch. Make it short but concise. Fill it with information that they need to know about you. Make the content straight-forward and on-point.   

Low fidelity   

Anyone can be a producer on TikTok. It requires no experience, a small amount of budget, and minimal effort to produce a video. The platform offers different free tools, such as voice effects and video effects, that can turn your simple video into something that is worthy of viewing. It is also important to take note that low fidelity does not mean low quality. Regardless of how you produce your video, it is still worthy of viewing as long as it contains worthwhile content.  


There are various ways you can promote your brand, but there are certain techniques that have proven to be effective. Communicate with your audience directly relay your business aim. These are the things that you need to keep in mind when you are creating content for your prospects. 

Come up with a promotional video that matches the platform’s native environment so that it will be easier for you to get their attention and drive them to your website. 

From trends to creatives   

Navigate and explore all the videos uploaded on the platform to see what’s new. Keeping up with the never-ending trend will help you stay on track. Once you decide on where you want to focus, it’s time for you to turn those ideas into creative ones. Since these are the trends, the chances of your video being viewed is high. Why? Because these are the areas that interest your audience. This is more about transforming ideas into tangible results. 

Collaborate with Creators   

Some well-known influencers have numerous followers on the platform, and these are the people that you should work with. Working with these content creators will be an advantage for you because it will allow you to advertise your brand and take it into the spotlight. But be vigilant when choosing the right people to work with. Make sure that both of your objectives match and that you are on the same path.   

It is best to note these standards that need to be observed and included in your TikTok videos.  


  • Make sure that the ratio of your video matches the prescribed screen size of the platform (9:16 aspect ratio)  
  • Video formatting (lighting, screen orientation, product exposure)  
  • Video resolution should match the platform’s requirement (greater than 720p)  
  • Video content must follow TikTok’s terms and conditions  
  • Video length should not exceed 9-15 seconds   


  • Proper use of sound effects, music, and voice-over  
  • Audible and clear voice-over  
  • Make sure that music does not overpower the voice-over  
  • For music insertion, make sure that it is free from the library to prevent copyright infringement  


  • Deliver a clear and concise message to the viewers  
  • Proper use of words that best describe your brand or business  
  • Include a call-to-action that best matches your ads’ objective  

Advertising Approval  

  • Make sure that your video strictly follows the platform’s policies  

End note 

Since the number of TikTok users keeps on growing, the chance of getting an ample number of leads is also within reach. As long as content creators produce videos worthy of likes, views, and share, the possibility of being known and acknowledged is workable. 


If you want to produce high-quality video content for your brand and business, reach out to one of the strategists on our team and let’s get started.