Growth is a goal of every business owner and there are different ways in which they can achieve success. It is normal for businesses to aim for growth, whether it is short-term or long-term. The question is how they can achieve growth without spending too much, just like using Facebook ads to generate leads.

A few of the questions may include “are there any avenues that businesses can explore which can help them achieve growth and are cheaper than Facebook ads?” and “are there any more marketing strategies that are more effective than Facebook ads?”

Here are eight growth strategies that are relevant in 2022 and are significantly less expensive than Facebook ads.

Email Leads

Email is one of the cheapest communication channels that every business can use. This is specifically helpful in generating leads without spending too much on ads. Marketing via email sees a great amount of Return on Investment compared to ads from cold traffic.

Launching of New Products

New products mean a new way of getting your target’s attention. Adding a new product listed under your brand will let you be discovered in the market and will also help you drive repeat purchases.

Invent a holiday

For brands, creating their own holidays like “payday sales”, “weekend sales” and many more, is just a normal thing to do. This is often one of the best and most effective strategies to perform, especially when you are aiming to get new customers, increased volume or repeat purchases.

Expand your scope

Do not focus on one geographic area only. Mostly, businesses generate higher revenue and sales from different countries across the globe. Expanding your scope will reflect on your performance as a brand.

Advertise on traditional media channels

Traditional media is still one of the most effective channels in marketing. Advertising in television and radio still reaches a great number of audiences who might be interested in your product. Here, you can convert views into sales. 

List products on different ecommerce platforms

Don’t limit your brand’s reach to just one platform; advertise on various e-commerce channels as well. Increase your brand exposure using ecommerce platforms you can choose from, including Shopify and WooCommerce.

Increase the number of front-end offers.

This is one of the best ways to convert cold traffic into sales. It is best to come up with a strategy that will have a long-term impact and contribute to your business. New offers most likely mean a new set of customers. 

Grow your SMS subscribers

When you have already established an engagement with your audience using your email and Facebook campaigns, converting them to SMS subscribers will not take much of your time. Advertising via SMS will help you reach your target at a lower cost and more direct.

End note

Since Facebook is growing, the cost of marketing on the platform also spikes up. The above points are some strategies that you can adopt for your business that will make marketing effective at a lower cost. 

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