What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is an advertising and analytics measurement solution that gives marketers insights into how their non-Amazon marketing channels perform on Amazon. This tool allows sellers to take a deep dive into the analytics and insights to get a better understanding of which non-Amazon channels work best for their business.

How does Amazon attribution work?

As a seller, you rely more on the data Amazon gives you in order to determine how each campaign performs profitably and to decide keywords, bids, and overall budget. 

Amazon attribution allows you to: 


This will help you understand and see which platform is the most beneficial. Amazon attribution allows businesses and brands to track down channels that are most effective at driving traffic and sales for your Amazon products. 


Determine the cluster of audiences and strategies that work to increase your campaign’s performance. Focusing on the external ad campaigns that are working, and stopping the ones that aren’t, is the first step in optimizing top-performing channels that drive more conversions.

Plan ahead

It helps determine the kind of messages and images that your audiences respond best to, plan ahead, develop marketing strategies that work best for your business, and come up with future ad campaigns as well.

Attribution provides all the conversion metrics you need:

  • Click-through rate
  • Impressions
  • Detailed page views
  • Number of pages attributed to each ad channel
  • “Add to carts”
  • Total sales

You can review all of this data through downloadable reports.

Why you should drive external traffic to your Amazon listings?

Amazon has become increasingly competitive, and as sponsored ad costs rise, one must investigate other ways to bring qualified traffic and leads to your listings. More traffic means more sales. Instead of relying on customers to find your product on Amazon all on their own, look for ways to reach them beforehand. Place advertisements outside Amazon to attract a new set of customers.

Boost your best seller rank

The more sales you make, the higher rank you will get. 

Improve keyword rankings

Amazon favours listings that drive external traffic to Amazon. All the traffic you get from external listings boosts conversions. Your keyword rankings will improve as your conversions improve. 

Get more information about your customers

With the use of Amazon attribution, brands can gain insights regarding the customer journey, including the customer’s cycle of shopping. Up to more than 50%.

Setting up an Amazon Attribution

Amazon attribution is still in beta and only available to brand-registered, professional third-party sellers and vendors. 

Here are the easy steps that you can follow to create and set up your Amazon attribution tag.

  1. Create campaign – click the “create campaign” button to get started
  2. Choose creation method – choose between creating manually or creating multiple tags in bulk. 
  3. Create a campaign name and choose the product – the next step will be to name your campaign and choose the product.
  4. Create ad group – In this section, you will name your ad group, choose an ad publisher (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.), channel (this is the type of ad such as video or display ad), and the destination URL.
  5. Then tap “create” – on the top right corner, tap “create”.
  6. Download attribution tag – after creating the attribution tag, double-check the attribution link. Check if it provides all the information correctly so your attribution can measure your ad performance. 

How advertisers can use Amazon Attribution

With Amazon Attribution, brands can easily gain visibility. External touch points will help customers discover your products that are listed on Amazon. Using analytics and insights, advertisers can plan their digital strategy based on their knowledge about their customers and the value of their brand to Amazon.

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