SEO and marketing strategy for a startup fintech company

Elwood Asset Management started out in mid-2019, offering professional management of finances for investors looking to get into the fast growing world of cryptocurrency. However they had two key problems, firstly a lot of searches in this market were information based and were not from people who were serious investors, and as a brand new company they had very poor organic presence. Even their brand name was not ranking on the first page of Google, with the results dominated by other companies with similar names.

The brief was simple; increase organic visibility, make sure that when people search for the brand they show up, and increase traffic from non-brand keywords.

Increase in Organic Traffic
Position 1 Rankings
Increase In Organic Click Through Rate

Although not a core part of the brief, we felt it was essential to not only make sure their own site ranked highly in the organic results, but also that other brands were not appearing further down the page, confusing potential customers. We therefore set about not only optimising their website, but also their other owned assets, including social media profiles and listings on finance sites, as well as assisting with content outreach to ensure that related articles appeared highly on Google.

The main part of the project involved executing our tried and tested on-page SEO structure. This approach covers everything from setting up tracking tools and conducting advanced keyword research and competitor analysis, through to direct content and tag optimisation, and technical enhancements to improve site speed, fix cross-device issues, and remove any blockers that could make Google and other search engines feel that the site is not good enough to rank highly.

Within just three weeks of starting work, the number one objective of achieving top rank visibility for all brand terms had been achieved.

The SEO work generated success very quickly, and following a three month period after launching the site where they were not ranking on page one for any terms, their brand name jumped up to position 1 within just three weeks, and a whole range of other generic keywords now drive regular organic traffic to their site.

By consulting with their content team we we also able to secure some third party content links on highly influential sites including Bloomberg.com and FT.com, and by making technical recommendations we ensured that as much SEO benefit was generated as possible. Multiple placements on lower tier sites with high authority were also secured, giving a further boost in organic visibility across both brand and non-brand keywords.

Within 6 months of completing the project, organic traffic has increased significantly, they had 23 position 1 rankings on target keywords, and through careful optimisation of the meta descriptions we were even able to increase click through rate from by an average of 42% for each ranking position.

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