Generating Applications From Highly Qualified English Tutors

Engoo are one of the world’s largest international online English tutoring platforms with a strong presence of their tutors based in the Philippines. We worked closely with Engoo’s marketing team and our creative and video content partner, to provide an integrated digital marketing strategy that would maximise acquisitions through tactical audience buys across Facebook, Instagram, Paid Search and YouTube.

Clicks From Potential Applicants
Decrease In Cost Per Ad Click
Reduction In Cost Per Signup

This audience led strategy was informed through Engoo’s first party data, providing our content partners with the ability to produce video content around the most relevant audiences.

Once we formulated our strategy and set the campaigns live, we implemented Bambu’s approach to digital marketing; collecting data, analysing and processing data, using our findings to optimise our campaigns, while continually testing and learning along the way to refine our strategy and deliver the best possible results. We successfully tested different audiences, creatives and channels to help us improve our performance throughout the campaign lifecycle.

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Overall, our tutor acquisition campaign surpassed Engoo’s internal business targets, aiding our client’s growth during a worldwide pandemic. We were able to reduce average CPC from ₱21 to ₱1 which made their advertising more efficient while increasing traffic to their tutor application portal.

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