WordPress Development & SEO For an Interior E-Design Firm in London

Interior Fox had a website that needed a refresh. We worked closely with Interior Fox to produce a user-friendly, mobile first website that communicated their core offerings and drove leads for their business. Being a design focused firm, Interior Fox wanted to take a more active role in the design process.

We worked closely with the Interior Fox team to develop a website that was highly functional, easy to use and most importantly, helped Interior Fox showcase their great work and unique offerings, such as their H&M Home collaboration.

Increase In Site Speed
Fall In Bounce Rate
Increase In Conversion Rate

The project began with a full analysis of the existing site, including looking into the SEO rankings, site speed, mobile friendliness and the accessibility of the site for both customers and staff who needed to update content on a regular basis. The site carried the same problems as many other design focused websites; the visuals were high quality but the site functionality was not up to standard for either usability or marketing.

Having recently invested in a full site rebuild, the team at Interior Fox were keen to keep the project as light as possible, and so we built a fully customised package, offering the best of our expertise across marketing, design and development, while preserving as much of the original site as possible.

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We preserved key elements from the existing build including the content, underlying layout files and certain parts of the coding, while stripping out all problematic elements and writing fresh code to cater to the clients’ design preferences. Using our preferred WordPress theme template we were able to dramatically increase the number of supported devices, which improved the site’s mobile friendly score and had a direct impact on SEO performance as well as conversion rate across multiple devices. Our carefully selected range of speed optimisation and security plugins were also utilised to further boost performance.

Since launching the first round of changes, performance on the site has increased across all metrics and the site is finally offering users a fast and engaging experience. These increases have had a direct impact on conversions, and we are now working on a second stage release to introduce new pages and layouts, building further on the successes of the first phase.

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