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Kodekloud is a startup e-learning platform, owned and operated by a leading Udemy instructor whose courses have taught DevOps and Cloud Computing to over 230,000 students around the world.

Bambu were involved with Kodekloud from day one, helping to guide the site build and managing all inbound marketing campaigns, and worked as a close partner for over a year up until the first investment round, when we helped the business transition their marketing operation to an in-house setup with an internal marketing team.

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When we first began working with Kodekloud, an initial landing page was in place but the site was not complete, so we decided to get some campaigns rolling which drove traffic to the lead instructor’s Udemy listings. While this lacked some of the options we would normally use, it enabled us to collect some vital early data which in turn meant we could hit the ground running when the main site was complete. This was very successful and is a strategy that we have since applied to other e-learning businesses.

As part of the site build, we considered a range of options for hosting the learning management system (LMS) and shortlisted a WordPress powered site with LearnDash and a standalone site running Teachable. Ultimately we determind that Teachable was the best solution due to the customer base and needs of the client, and we worked closely with the client’s developer to bring the site to life, consulting on the usability, site speed and conversion journey throughout the build.

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After launch, we were able to transition the previously built campaigns away from directing to Udemy and drive traffic directly to Kodekloud. Not only did this give a pre-tested campaign to use, but by comparing the user behaviour data between Udemy and Kodekloud, we were able to make some early stage improvements to the site which further improved conversion rate. Ads were rolled out across Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook and YouTube, giving a strong campaign mix that drew upon both the visual assets that were available from the course catalogue, as well as ensuring that those who were searching for these type of courses were captured, and that those who needed time to consider the purchase were brought back to the site.

We used our proprietary budget planning platform throughout the project to adjust allocation between channels, and were able to build a highly effective and high converting campaign with a constantly optimised campaign setup that brought 4 highly diverse channels together, all working towards one common goal.

Kodekloud is just one of a range of e-learning providers that we have worked with, and we have been able to build and refine a range of strategies which consistently provide effective results for businesses that sell everything from courses and classes to consulting and one-to-one coaching.

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