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Everything About Ecommerce

We can manage the whole ecosystem that’s needed around online stores. We can design and configure your store and create remarketing campaigns for people who’ve abandoned their carts. We also manage shopping feeds and Google Merchant Center accounts, and can plan and implement your social strategy and content strategies – and more besides.

Our experience in each of these areas of ecommerce informs the others so after countless campaigns in many sectors we’re the ideal company to help you either launch your store, or move it up to the next level.

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Cross-Channel Expertise

An ecommerce business isn’t worth much without customers and we’re experts at bringing the right people to your website and turning clicks into customers.

Whether it’s SEO, SEM or PPC campaigns we’ll research the relevant keywords that your prospects are looking for and optimise your content and ads for conversion. We’ll analyse what your competitors are doing to find actionable steps we can use to improve your ecommerce performance. Based on our performance and tracking data our team can suggest which products to promote and what other steps can be taken to optimise your store and listings.

Our Ideal Client

We get it, it’s not about us, it’s about you and your business. But we know there are a lot of options out there to help with your marketing, and we feel it’s important for our clients to be confident that they’re working with an agency that isn’t just doing it for the money, and is genuinely passionate about the success of their business.

The kind of clients we find the best success with are those that have been up and running for typically between 6 months to 5 years, have established some basic marketing processes and have proof of concept with their target customers – they know their offering is good and they are looking to scale. The word scale is key, our best successes are helping our clients to grow (that’s where our name comes from, the bamboo tree is the world’s fastest growing plant) and we love working with business owners and marketing managers who have a clear focus in pushing their business to the next level, whether that’s increasing market share in their local area or rapid international expansion.

Finally, we love working as a partnership. Businesses owners who think marketing works in isolation tend to learn the hard way that marketing touches on every aspect of your business, from your ads and website to your pricing and customer experience. If you’re the kind of business owner who wants to learn, develop and bounce ideas around, we would love to be able to guide you and work collaboratively to help you hit your goals.


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