What is Google Performance Max?

“Google Performance Max is a goal-based campaign that allows advertisers to access all of Google Ads inventory with just a single campaign”. With the wide array of access it gives to advertisers, they can locate and convert customers across all channels, including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, and other Google applications.

Performance Max Campaigns helps brands and advertisers boost conversions, drive more value, and optimise real-time performance across all channels with smart bidding. It is also a combination of Google’s automation technologies, empowered by a specific advertising objective.

How to become successful with Google Ads Performance Max

Implementation of accurate full-funnel conversion tracking

Conversion has become essential in every Google ad account, but its importance in performance max is incomparable.

PMax Segmentation for Reporting

To further understand the insights and other data that are related to your target’s activity, creating PMax user segmentation is one of the best ways to deeper analyse the displayed information. This will also allow you to track down and monitor where the users are led and to which specific landing page they are redirected to. 

Add at least 1 video asset

Unlike in setting up a display campaign, creating a PMAx campaign requires advertisers to add at least one video asset, and Google Ads will automatically generate a video for you that you did not include during your building phase. If you do not have enough resources to produce your template, you can simply use online tools like Canva to turn images into animated videos. 

Use Performance Max Campaign for conversion objectives

Performance Max Campaigns only allows advertisers to bid on conversions or conversion value. Use this type of campaign based on your objectives. Determining the goal of the campaign before creating one is helpful in aligning the strategy with the main goal of the campaign.

Insights tab for reporting improvement

The insights tab made analysing your campaign’s performance easy. In this tab, you will see the top-performing search categories and audience segments. Performance max will show you where your converting audiences belong and how search categories work for both search categories and audience segments. 

Run your Performance Max Campaign right

The above tips on how to successfully run your PMAx campaign are not the end of the whole process. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Optimising and monitoring your PMax campaign also needs a lot of extra effort, including budgeting to generate a better set of Google data. This will also assist you in determining where and what needs to be improved or optimized. Here’s a recap of the things to do to run a successful PMAx campaign:

  1. Implement accurate full-funnel conversion tracking
  2. PMax segmentation for reporting
  3. Add one video asset
  4. Use performance max campaign for conversion objectives
  5. Insights tab for reporting improvement

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