Brands and advertisers are using an extensive range of marketing strategies to make the process of promotion more efficient and effective. But some are still wondering how inbound and outbound marketing work. In this blog, let us understand the difference between the two and how they work for your brand.

What is inbound marketing? 

Inbound marketing covers all the activities done on your website. Simply, it is all about the pieces of content you post on your website and the user experience you provide to your visitors. This kind of marketing strategy encourages customers to visit your website to see what your brand is about and what products and services you can offer them. 

What is outbound marketing? 

Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing. This is where brands exert effort just to reach their target market. Compared to inbound marketing, this requires a lot of work, can also be time-consuming and is risky since there are no certain assurances that when ads go live on different social media platforms, they will generate leads and sales.  

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing 

Inbound Marketing  Outbound Marketing 
 Prospects visit your website 

  • Content marketing 

Advertisers and businesses use content for marketing and this includes content-based outputs (blogs, articles, videos, organic social post, and infographics) 

Businesses seek ways to reach customers 

  • Interruption marketing  

Advertisers and businesses use marketing tools such as banner display ads, social media ads and email marketing that are commonly seen outside of a brand’s website.  


Regardless of whether a brand or business adopts inbound or outbound marketing, both are proven to be efficient since they are geared to establish brand awareness and increase brand popularity, increase traffic and lead generation.

End Note

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