Hotels, Spas and Resorts

Let us improve your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Referrals, affiliates and OTAs

The Bambu team can integrate your website with third party referring sites like online travel agencies (OTAs) and affiliate relationships. We’ll manage your paid campaigns across platforms like Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Skyscanner and Kayak.

We can help you increase direct bookings too. We’ll optimise your site and make sure you’re appearing in Google’s listings. If you have a target list of competitor hotels or resorts that you’d like us to use as a benchmark, we can examine what they’re doing well and show you how to mimic their strategy in a way that makes sense for your own brand. For instance, if you want to grow your wedding bookings we could look at your competitors, and other hotels and resorts, and create a strategy based on their successes.

Brand, Strategy and Social

The importance of visual assets can’t be overstated in the Hotel and Resort industry and we can help you show off your hotel in the best light onsite and off. As many bookings occur on third party sites we’ll look at the photos on those sites and make sure they all represent the quality of your brand.  If you feel you need new photography or video we can recommend photographers, videographers and drone operators who can bring your hotel or resort to life.

Your social strategy and social PPC on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will be an important part of your lead generation and customer retention strategy. Let us take a look at your marketing campaigns and strategy, and tell you how to improve your metrics and get more customers.

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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

The founders of Bambu have been running ads online ads since 2006, we are a Google Partner agency and have passed all six certifications, meaning we are experienced in everything from standard PPC through to shopping, retargeting, display and YouTube ads.