Online shopping has become more prominent and in demand as soon as the pandemic struck countries across the globe. This is also where ecommerce had its biggest shot and business owners started to take advantage of the use of the internet. In this article, our team will walk you through how the e-commerce world has changed and continues to change. 

During the first week of May, a team of Bambu strategists attended the EcomWorld Conference where speakers from all the areas of the e-commerce industry including experts from giants, Meta and Google, all the way through to niche content agencies, e-commerce business owners, and technology providers.   

Our team was able to gain timely and relevant industry knowledge in an ever-changing e-commerce landscape, especially as we now traverse our path out of the global pandemic. Some of the key seminars include: 

The future of e-commerce in a post-covid world  

How to scale customer acquisitions without relying only on paid ads  

NFTs and how to incorporate this growing space into your e-commerce strategy  

Site optimization with design in mind  

How to scale your video ads effectively  

Below are the highlighted five key takeaways of our team from the conference. If you are interested in learning more about a particular topic, at the end of the post, feel free to reach out so we can send over further information and discuss with you some of the key insights in detail.   

Five Key Takeaways 

1. How to Improve Your Video Ads 

Improving your video ads will most likely be your first step forward in reaching a wider range of audiences and this can also be your starting point in influencing your target’s purchase decision.  

Meta’s creative shop took a deep dive into how we can improve our creative executions within their platform. Speakers were able to discuss how traditionally, direct response creative has relied on a rational, product-attracts-person marketing approach, whereas, emotionally-led creative are more likely to tap into a buyer’s subconscious which in return helps aid their purchase decision and rationale for the purchase. Based on various studies, a team from Meta was able to identify that emotional benefits outperform product features and rational benefits to drive incremental conversions.  

How do we craft an emotional benefit? Try the exercise below: 

emotional benefit breakdown - bambu digital marketing agencyFor the full breakdown on how to perform each step, reach out to us today so we can send you the full presentation. 

2. The New Era of Shopping is Hybrid 

As the world starts to reopen the economy, a new hybrid of retail is emerging where physical and digital shopping has become more interconnected. This is now the new face of shopping. This reflects no-compromise shoppers’ desire to get the best of both worlds. For them, it is all just shopping. Businesses now need to ensure that they provide a seamless experience and give their customers what they need especially when wanting to foster brand loyalty.   

During the conference, Kyle Ranally from Meta further discussed how to eliminate the stress associated with offline shopping and introduced new technologies that make in-store shopping more efficient and exciting than ever.  

3. Secrets Behind Meta Ad Policy for Ecommerce 

Experiencing Facebook ads or ad account disapproval has been one of the hottest regular topics of conversation in the Bambu Office. Luckily, during the Ecom World, an ex-employee from the Facebook compliance department guided the whole team and provided a preview of why $20B in advertising spending is being disallowed due to false negatives. This has also revealed that 70% of that amount comes specifically from e-commerce advertisers.   

Maria Claudio also then expounded on the process behind meta-ad compliance and presented the best practices for navigating the confusing and unclear policy regulations from Meta.

4. Site Optimisations with Design in Mind 

Optimizing a website with a concrete plan and visualized output is what one of the speakers during the conference, emphasized. Nolan Heyer ran through the whole team on the best practices that are free to utilize when wanting to optimize the website using the tried-and-true design hacks. The team was able to understand the real difference between UX vs technical design, and discover the biggest do’s and don’ts. Overall, the presentation was highly informative from a conversion rate optimization (CRO) perspective.  

If you feel that your store requires a facelift, let our experts at Bambu know so we can conduct a comprehensive website audit. 

5. Grow your Brand with Easy Ads that sell 

Coming up with a simple yet informative advertisement can be a challenge, but providing what your targets are looking for right at hand will most likely benefit your business, especially in driving and generating sales.   

During his presentation at the conference, Benton Crane shared some proven and tested ways on how business can drive sales by just using a simple advertisement. He then further emphasized the strategy of how to recognize creative content that lasts. The team was able to grasp the presented strategies on how to grow brands by leveraging proven practices and core video ad principles. Crane was also able to discuss the crucial elements that need to be included in a social content strategy that will help you understand why brand-led activities and conversion-driving campaigns do not have to be mutually exclusive.   

For a deeper dive into all our key takeaways and the original presentations please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us! 

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