To overcome economic uncertainties, businesses and advertisers are looking for ways to increase sales and foster growth despite the outturn of the situation. This is where Meta introduces Advantage+. This new feature of Meta will help advertisers leverage the power of artificial intelligence and automation to maximise ad spend.  

What is Meta Advantage+?

Meta’s Advantage+ campaign uses machine learning to simplify the ad creation process for advertisers. This array of features also enables eCommerce and retail direct-to-consumer and brand advertisers to potentially achieve better performance, greater personalization, and efficiency. 

Purpose of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Advantage+ shopping campaigns provide greater flexibility and full control of the creatives, targeting, placements, and budgets, as well as more opportunities to optimise campaigns that drive conversions. As this progresses, other non-commerce elements that are labeled as “Advantage+” also implement changes to their accounts.

Advertisers can use Advantage+ campaigns to combine all audiences for a market into a single campaign structure, rather than running multiple campaigns with segmented audiences. This is designed to simplify creation and management while reducing audience overlap.

In addition, the campaign structure is now simpler and campaigns require fewer changes. 

Key Benefits of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

  1. Designed for both prospecting and remarketing, which means a single campaign can build new audiences whilst also driving sales.
  2. Combines prospecting and remarketing into a single strategy.
  3. Simplifies campaign setup and management.
  4. Can test up to 150 creative combinations and deliver the highest-performing ads.
  5. It uses machine learning previews, which are the highest-performing ad variation for the highest-value shoppers.
  6. Maximum of one (1) ad per campaign.
  7. Allows advertisers to optimise budget spending to achieve the best results based on the aim.
  8. One campaign will become your whole funnel, from TOF to BOF.
  9. It allows advertisers to use creative assets such as videos, images, carousels, and GIFs.
  10. Features continuously learn and optimise based on consumer preference.

The main goal of Advantage+ shopping campaigns is to help businesses achieve their goals, minimise the time spent on setting them up, and deliver the best performance through automation. 

End note

Since Meta is working on simplifying the campaign setup and leaning more on AI machine learning to target audiences, the human effort still plays a vital role in creating better content, especially for creative assets for this to progress. Real people producing raw and engaging content is still at the center of the process and is essential in determining the type of creative content to convey to potential customers, which is also geared towards the brand’s or advertiser’s goal. 

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