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We treat Microsoft’s ad platform very differently to Google’s, and you should too.

Most brands are not using even using Bing ads, and those who do will typically import their setup directly from Google. This is a helpful starting point, but without care and attention the results end up being very poor, with high click costs and weak targeting being the most common problems. It’s thought that currently the number of brands using Bing is less than 10% of those using Google, so there’s a big opportunity out there for those who do it well.

Who Is It For
  • Are you advertising successfully with Google ads, but looking for an additional source of sales?
  • If you struggling to scale your Google ad campaigns or having issues with rising click and conversion costs then Bing can be a good addition.
  • Bing is useful for all businesses but those who sell to older age groups tend to see particularly strong performance.
  • Are you already running ads on Bing and having problems with performance, or you’ve tried it previously and didn’t see any success?

At Bambu we work with the full range of Microsoft advertising channels, and apply our years of experience with search advertising to help our clients successfully add Bing into their marketing mix to improve overall efficiency.

Most of our clients can expect to see a big reduction in click costs due to much less competition, and although conversion rates tend to be slightly lower than what you’ll get from Google ads, it normally balances out with a lower cost per conversion. Therefore we not only recommend Bing for businesses who want to expand, but also those who want to reduce their CPA a little by shifting some of their budget away from Google, and who doesn’t want a lower CPA!

What Can You Expect

You can expect to receive a service that applies best practices, learnings from our other Bing campaigns and a full understanding of your business to build a set of search marketing campaigns that generates the best possible results from Microsoft’s network. We can tailor our service to your requirements, and typically we will include:

  • Full analysis of your ad campaigns on other channels
  • Full analysis of your YouTube channel and video content
  • Campaign setup according to best practices and learnings from thousands of successful campaigns
  • Recommendations on how to improve your Google campaigns to generate even better results on Bing
  • Full management and optimisation of your campaigns to continually improve performance

Service Packages

16 Years of Search Advertising Experience

We’ve been running video ads since before YouTube was an ad platform. Over the past decade we’ve been at the forefront of digital video advertising, working with global brands spending to generate brand awareness, leads and sales from YouTube ads.

More Than Just Ads

We don’t just run ad campaigns for our clients, we go far deeper than most agencies and provide insights and expertise that covers all stages of the customer journey. Get in touch to find out which of these items are included on each of our packages.

Why Use Bing?

If you’re already using Google ads for your PPC campaigns and want to get more traffic then Bing can be a good additional option.

One of Bing’s selling points is its older, wealthier demographic. Bing also serves 60 million searchers not reached by Google. Plus, there are fewer restrictions on the types of product that can be advertised on Bing.

Bing ads work in a similar way to Google ads but the volume of traffic is much lower. That means competition for clicks is lower and so is the cost per conversion (CPC), which can translate into lower campaign costs.

It covers more than you might think

Bambu will do all the hard work behind the scenes to make your YouTube campaigns fly. We’ll research the most effective keywords, use intentional audience targeting, look at conversion and tracking, and use competitor research to uncover insights that will help your ads generate leads and customers. We’ll align your goals with your strategy and get into the nitty-gritty of your creative too. We’ll look at video SEO, play rate, earned views and shares, likes and subscribers.

Whether you want to build a YouTube channel, generate brand awareness, or drive people to a landing page to generate leads and sales, our video ads service focuses on enabling you to get the most out of your video content.

Are you ready to start advertising on Bing?

Get in Touch

100% Confidential Audit

We can access your account securely without anyone knowing, so we can discretely check the work of your current campaign manager.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our fees for the first month of working together, so you can try working with us totally risk free.

Flexible Packages

From full campaign management through to advice and consulting, we can build a package to suit your requirements.