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The power of Remarketing

Remarketing – including retargeting – is a powerful way to reach people who are aware of your content, or reach people who are interested in similar products and content to your own. Bambu’s team is great at targeting these people and turning them into prospects and customers.

Remarketing can send your conversions and ROI soaring. That’s why we include it as part of many of our campaigns for our clients. We can help you run remarketing campaigns on all the major platforms – from LinkedIn to Google ads, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Types of Remarketing

Bambu run a variety of different approaches to remarketing. One of our most successful approaches is showing ads to people who have visited your site – as well as Google and Bing search engines we can also set up ads on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. We also use email remarketing, creating ads specifically for people who open your emails, and video remarketing which lets you show ads to people on YouTube. While remarketing list search ads and search retargeting let you display ads on the search engines themselves.


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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

The founders of Bambu have been running ads online ads since 2006, we are a Google Partner agency and have passed all six certifications, meaning we are experienced in everything from standard PPC through to shopping, retargeting, display and YouTube ads.