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We can design and build you a custom Learning Management System (LMS) platform on frameworks including LearnDash and Teachable. We’ll build your LMS so it works the way you want it to. We can customise quizzes, modules and courses, and can design your platform so you can market to corporate clients with large numbers of users as well as private individuals.

Our team will integrate your new LMS with any third party software you need such as a chatbot, or email provider. We can also link your marketing campaigns and analytics to your LMS.

Our design and production studio can help you get your content into shape too. They’ll create any graphics, animations or videos you need to make your LMS courses look, and work, great.

Web Apps

There are lots of advantages to using Web Apps, all related to the main one: your customers and prospective customers will like it.  Web Apps are fast at loading and processing data so people are less likely to get frustrated and leave your site.  That means more conversions and sales. Google likes fast sites so your SEO traffic will increase too, as you get pushed up the search rankings meaning more people will find you.

We can integrate your CMS, to pull in real-time and regularly changing data. We can also build Progressive Web applications (PWA), the new standard in Web Apps designing your app so it’s easy to use and integrating it with your website and analytics.

LMS and Web Apps

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