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We’re all about growth

Our company name is based on the fastest growing plant on planet Earth. Our mission has always been focused on helping companies to grow, whether that’s going from launch to getting your first customers, from your first sale to a thousand sales, or expanding your reach into new markets. We’ve worked alongside entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world and have seen first hand what makes a business grow quickly, as well as the things that can hold a business back.

We have a huge amount of experience within our team to help you reach your goals, and to do so faster than you ever thought possible. Often that requires more than just marketing, and our team of growth strategists will help you uncover what’s needed to get to the next level.

Our process

It all starts with an initial consultation where we’ll find out about your business and what you think are your biggest challenges. We’ll then go away and conduct research on your competitors, your target market, your customers, and compare your business to the thousands of successful companies that we’ve worked with. Through this process we’re able to identify areas that are holding you back, and many of our clients are surprised to find out that the things they’ve been focusing on are not the problem.

Then we will regroup with you for a strategy session where we like to get as many of your team in the meeting as possible, we’ll discuss the areas that we’ve identified, bounce ideas around, and formulate a plan for short term and long term objectives, typically focusing on things you should do within the next 3 months and what you need to achieve within the next year. Afterwards, we’ll keep things flexible according to your requirements, typically revisiting the strategy every few months and our team are available at any time for advice, consulting and general information whenever you need us.

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From full campaign management through to advice and consulting, we can build a package to suit your requirements.