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Combining Industry Leading Expertise
With Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence

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Our team are backed up by our cutting edge AI platform that underpins everything we do

Using more than 200,000 datapoints, our platform is able to learn about your business, your market, and the current digital marketing landscape and produce a tailored action plan.

The end result is a detailed set of recommendations which includes the things you should be doing, the things you should be avoiding, and which areas to prioritise.

Knowledge is fed into the platform by our team of experts, with each of our channel specialists contributing according to their individual areas of expertise. This data is then available at the fingertips of our strategy team, eliminating situations where someone with detailed knowledge on one channel is expected to be the master of an entire marketing plan.

Cutting Edge AI Platform
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Using Our Platform

By using this platform, our teams are no longer expected to spend their time repeating similar research, representing a huge saving in time and cost that we are able to pass on to our clients.

Perhaps most importantly, rather than refreshing your marketing strategy once every year, we can do it as often as you like. Things can change daily, so any time even the slightest update happens within your business, or the most insignificant feature gets released on one of the advertising channels, we can request an instant update for your entire marketing plan, showing any adaptations you need to make and whether these changes affect your approach.

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