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Company Background

ClearSource BPO is an established BPO based out of the USA with an office in Manila. Their CEO tasked Bambu to increase the number of qualified candidates for ClearSource BPO’s new job openings.

Due to the quick turnarounds required by ClearSource, Bambu was able to activate new campaign briefs within a 24 hour period to ensure we achieved our targets within a short set time frame.

Over the course of the campaign we ran several lead generation campaigns across Facebook Ads and Google Ads, funneling all our qualified leads into a centralised database, via multiple landing pages we developed in-house, which had our own lead qualification and disqualification forms embedded.

The results were astonishing! Overall our campaign ran across both the US and Philippines, delivering over 9,000+ qualified leads off of $3,000 USD investment with a total cost per lead of only $0.26.

Our Process