Project Description

The Brief

Electimuss is a high-end perfume brand that was founded in London. With audiences all around the world, Dubai, UAE and Europe, Electimuss needed an agency to come on board who could help scale the brand efficiently.

The Strategy

Bambu has had great success with Electimuss, scaling their monthly spend from £422 to £3,255 per month and maintaining a positive 3X ROAS and +5X ROAS in the peak periods. This is especially impressive when considering that the products offered by Electimuss are high ticket items (£150-£795) and conversions often require customers to go through a longer journey. In addition, Bambu was able to drive footfall in the retail stores that Electimuss is stocked in, such as Harrods. This allowed their products to be seen and experienced first-hand by potential customers, leading to an increase in conversions through store purchases.

The Results