Project Description

Company Background

Solar Exclusive are a marketing agency who specialise in the solar industry, and work with installers to help them generate leads, close sales and grow their businesses. They came to Bambu in 2019, after rising lead costs on Facebook and a reduction in lead quality began causing issues with client retention. The brief was simple; introduce new channels to reduce lead costs.

Our Process


The first step was to begin using YouTube, taking our extensive data set for audience targeting to cut through the huge amount of ad space on the platform to focus in on the people who are most likely to become a customer. This was a very successful approach, and over time as the partnership developed we moved into other sectors across Google’s network including search, discovery and display ads.

We also revamped the conversion funnels, developing new landing pages and running a constant testing program to fine tune conversion rates and increase efficiencies, while also creating a whole new customer facing brand and using our in-house development team to fine tune the user experience by reducing friction and speeding up server response times.