Project Description

Company Background

Finlay & Co is a growing eyewear brand with strong connections to the European market, designed in London and handcrafted in Italy. Originally we were brought in to help improve the brand’s performance on social media, where we were able to help them reduce cost per sale by over 40% within the first three months, by removing underperforming elements of their campaigns and applying our standard campaign structures for social ads.

Following a strong growth period, the brand had a small but increasing number of organic sales from the USA. By expanding our campaigns to specific states within the US market, and adding other channels into their marketing mix including paid search, Google Shopping and video ads, we were able to help them establish a firm base in this new market, which now accounts for more than 25% of the brand’s total global sales volume.

During the first year of working together, total sales volume grew by 300%, allowing the business to reinvest in their growth and expand their product line from just 1 signature model to a range of 12 models in over 100 different styles.

Our Process



Reduction in CPA
Yearly Sales Growth
New Models Launched