Project Description

Case Study:

The Brief

Glass and Wick are a sustainable soy wax candle brand that started up during the covid lockdown. Building the brand around their USP of creating soy wax melts, Glass and Wick blew up during the lockdown period.

The Strategy

The success of Glass and Wick was particularly notable during the pandemic, when their business grew significantly. As a two-person team, they needed Bambu to help take the load off so they could focus on other areas of their business. Thanks to Bambu’s support, Glass and Wick was able to maximize their growth opportunities and remain profitable.

Glass and Wick trusted Bambu to help them take their digital marketing efforts to the next level. The goal was to continue to scale their business rapidly while
being as efficient as possible. With Bambu’s expertise, Glass and Wick achieved consistent +5X ROAS at an average cost per purchase of £6.63 – and that was before they even expanded to Google Ads.

The Results