Project Description

Case Study:

The Brief

GoodThings Snacks is a start-up, healthy snack brand. GoodThings had never ran ads before and were also looking to enter a new round of funding. To boost their chances of investment and highlight the sales that they can make, they brough ton Bambu to create a strategy with an instant impact.

The Strategy

Bambu was given a strict timeline of 6 weeks to sell as many units as possible with a budget of £2,500. Having pulled the strategy together and understood the pressure the brand were facing, the Bambu team settled on running Amazon ads. Not only was the intent there but it meant that Bambu could optimise the product pages and store to improve the conversion rate.

With the expertise of the Bambu team on Amazon, GoodThings Snacks was able to sell 200+ units within the strict 6 week period. A massive result considering Bambu had to build the Amazon campaigns from scratch, optimise product pages and kickstart campaigns with no previous campaign data. As a result, the GoodThings team were able to go on and find investment for their brand

The Results