Project Description

The Brief

Nursem is a skincare brand which can now be found in high street stores all across the UK and in select locations in Europe, but when they came to Bambu the brand had just launched and was available online only. Through a close strategic partner spanning nearly three years, Bambu were able to help Nursem launch their digital advertising strategy and grow the brand to generating 7 figures in annual sales. The original brief was simple, get people buying the product, but the results far outperformed what was originally expected.

The Strategy

The starting point was simple; understand the brand. Skincare is a highly saturated market, where many great products get crowded out by existing brands with big budgets, so really understanding the intricacies of the brand and how it came about was essential. Our founders’ experience working with cosmetics giants like L’Oréal, Chuch & Dwight and Karium was critical to planning the right approach.

The product had a really compelling backstory, with a social objective to help nurses who commonly suffer from dry skin due to constant handwashing and air conditioning in hospitals. We used a detailed set of audience segments and marketing funnel planning to reach the right people at the right time, introducing the brand gently to people with specific traits who would be most open to the product, as well as running a small proportion of the budget on what we call long-shot testing, to try and find responsive segments outside of the core audience. This process identified that dads with newborn children were big gift buyers, and mechanics were buying in large numbers, both of which were unexpected but very effective insights.

Once the brand began getting stocked in Boots stores across the UK, we also ran store support campaigns to drive people into the shops, which were a key contributor to Nursem being able to retain their placements in the test stores and expand their deal with Boots to be stocked in more stores.

In 2021, the founders of Nursem featured on the BBC’s Dragons Den, securing an unprecedented investment from all 5 dragons. The team at Bambu were running campaigns behind the scenes in the days leading up to the show and the months after to capitalise on the exposure this generated, ensuring that as many sales as possible were generated from this one-off opportunity. Following the closing of this investment, Nursem scaled up their internal team and Bambu managed a smooth handover, passing management of the advertising back to the business having helped take the brand from a new startup to international success.

The overall strategy was very effective, with sales increasing from just a small number of sample sales at the start of the partnership to selling hundreds of thousands of units by the end. At every opportunity, whether it was launching a new product, the onset of the covid pandemic, or securing TV coverage, Bambu were able to successfully deploy marketing tactics that enabled the brand to make the best of the situation, driving sales and cash flow back into the business to generate further growth.

Blended CPAs began at around £20, with a loss being made on each sale, and came down to £4-6 by the end of the second year. From there, with a high margin in place the strategy focused on scale; maintaining the CPA while driving more volume. This is always a challenge, with CPAs normally rising as media spend increases, but through a strong and constantly adjusting allocation of budget between brand awareness, conversion and repeat customer strategies we were able to keep performance steady and clear the path for a smooth and consistent period of growth.

The Results