Project Description

The Brief

Building Digital UK is a key government project, investing over £5bn of public funds into bringing fast digital connectivity to every home across the country, and with the arrival of the pandemic the importance of this scheme grown significantly.

Openreach, through their network capabilities, have been a major driving force behind the technical roll-out, and since early 2020 have partnered with Bambu to tell people about the scheme as the new technology rolls out in each region.

The Strategy

The strategy we have deployed has focused on two key elements; media buying and data analysis. Using our own in-house research tools we were able to identify factors like the most popular social media channels for rural demographics in the UK, the key personas that drive uptake of faster broadband, and the typical purchase cycle for someone moving from awareness through to research and purchase for broadband services.

Advertising focused on Facebook and Instagram as the core channels, with supporting media running on Google Search and across Google’s display network, including placements on YouTube, Gmail, and banner ads on news and magazine sites. A wide range of creative was tested throughout the campaign and the data led us to focus on an approach using local imagery. The catch was that this required a large number of ads, with bespoke imagery for each location, and we used our tried and tested campaign templates to help manage this efficiently at scale.

Finally we helped to improve tracking across Openreach’s website using Google Tag Manager and their site analytics platform to better understand the ways that people were interacting with the campaign. One of the key problems we found was that people who did not live in the target areas were still seeing ads while travelling into the zones, and the data we were able to extract through our tagging was essential to helping diagnose and fix this problem, ensuring that as much of the budget as possible was deployed to people who were actually living in the areas that had been connected to the network.

The Results

In the past 12 months, Openreach and Bambu have worked together to bring awareness of the upgrades to more than 10 million people in 8 counties, with Bambu managing the campaign delivery and Openreach working with each local authority partner to deploy the right messaging in the right areas. Since the start of the partnership, we have managed to help thousands of households make the switch to full fibre connectivity.