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Sunnies Studios is a Philippine-based lifestyle brand that began as a product line of sunglasses. Originally Bambu was brought in to help improve the brand’s performance across their international campaigns, and as we were able to help Sunnies improve their sales and ROAS within the first 6 months of our engagement, they asked us to manage all their local campaigns in the Philippines, which includes other products they sell including their line of makeup and coffee shops.

We were able to grow their international and local sales by scaling up their ad spend by +1,500% while maintaining a healthy ROAS. Part of the increase in spend led to us launching more channels like TikTok, YouTube and various marketplace ads, helping grow sales volume online..

During key sales periods, such as mega sales, we would support the Sunnies team on-site,, allowing close collaboration from midnight onwards between all stakeholders. This would allow our team to react to performance and audience insights in realtime to help the overall delivery of our key campaigns.


New campaigned launched


Increase in ad spend


New Channels Launched