Why Choose Bambu

You have a lot of options when it comes to advertising support, so why choose Bambu?

Our core customers are growing businesses generating £1-£5m in annual revenue.

Many of our clients start with us when they’re a bit smaller and fast approaching the £1m mark, many of our clients stay with us past £5m because they’re getting great results, but this is our sweet spot. Businesses around this size have an established and proven business model, but are not yet at the level where they’ll be able to have in-house advertising specialists. This is where Bambu comes in.

alex and olly founder of Bambu Digital Agency

Experts in Advertising

We are not generalists.

We work across all ad channels.

Award winning founders.

We invest heavily in continual professional development, and many of our team have an annual allowance for external training to bring new ideas into the team. Unlike other agencies who cut training to cut costs.

Big brand experience. Imagine working with the same people who run the advertising for the biggest highest growth brands, and having them genuinely care about your business. That’s Bambu.

There when you need us. Still working hard when you’re focusing on other things.

We don’t sit back and wait for you to drive things forward. Our best clients are busy people and they come to us to drive things forward, not sit around and wait for guidance.

High level of contact

Dedicated AM team.

Senior oversight on every account.

Highly refined operating processes, which are made possible by our narrow focus and high level of expertise. If you’re used to working with agencies who feel chaotic you’ll love working with Bambu.

Small enough to care, big enough to cope

Business model based around small client centric teams in your local market, with highly efficient activation support from our global team.

You will receive reports at a minimum of once every fortnight, most packages include a weekly update.

We operate at a much lower cost per hour than large agencies and typically get a lot more done in the time we bill for.

We are the same as you. Growing company, we understand your challenges.

Efficient processes. We charge more because we invest heavily in project management systems that set us apart from other agencies because our systems just work. No more buggy reports, tasks getting missed, dealing with overloaded staff etc.

Results oriented

Our core value of accountability

Daily campaign monitoring

Weekly optimisation cycle

Live internal dashboards reviewed daily by our team to monitor performance shifts.

We find the results you didn’t know you cared about, while focusing on your primary metric we’ll do our best to hit secondary metrics for brand awareness, click share, visibility etc.

Because we work across multiple channels we are able to get our clients huge efficiency savings on reach and clicks, many clients find that our fees pay for themselves very quickly through our focus on efficiencies.